Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Virgo

Mercury in Mythology
The planets performed an essential position in early mythology and faith and have been considered divine beings. The names of the planets (apart from Earth, which was not understood as a planet by the ancients) come from Greek and Roman yoga mythology course online. The Greeks, Romans, and later cultures related every planet with a particular god.

To have a look at the planetary rules as gods works for me as a result of they do characterize common rules that are governing our universe and might due to this fact be checked out as GODS.

For instance, the planet Mercury was thought because the messenger from the gods. He represents our thoughts, mind, the way in which we predict and talk. Mercury is called a instructor and traveler. He likes to discover, focus on, and be taught. He’s extraordinarily versatile, a connection between issues, however impartial and neutral. He’s very curious, typically mischievous and playful. On the bodily degree he influences the mind and the nervous system.

Mercury has a Unhealthy Popularity
There was a lot written about Mercury retrograde when issues linked with Mercury won’t go as clean as anticipated and he has gotten a nasty popularity for placing sand into the turning wheels.

What occurs when Mercury goes retrograde? The obvious backward movement of Mercury perceived from our viewpoint on earth is known as retrograde. It occurs about 4 instances a yr for about 3 weeks. However it’s simply an optical phantasm based mostly on the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury across the Solar.

This phenomenon has been studied by astrologers for 1000’s of years and has been confirmed to be a time of challenges with all issues linked with Mercury. These are areas like communications of every kind, transportation, electrical gear, computer systems, communication gadgets, touring, contracts, automobiles, relationships and public relations may give you some bother, annoyance and delays.

The Potential Advantages
And with all its challenges Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo is offering us with the possibility to be extra thorough with already began initiatives, full and overview, put issues so as and make amends for paperwork. It’s a good time to revisit previous, unfinished issues, deserted initiatives and have one other take a look at them.

That is additionally a great time to return by means of your notes of objectives and intentions and deepen your connection and dedication to reaching them. Make an inventory of steps to maneuver in direction of them.

With this retrograde interval being in Libra and Virgo it’s the time for paying loving consideration to your relationships and friendships and your well being. Consider it as a interval of re-evaluation and upkeep for the place you might be in your life. You possibly can say you get a second probability to place your affairs so as.

This isn’t a great time to get married or to signal any contracts in your life. Communication in your relationships won’t stream really easy as of late. There may very well be misunderstandings and even an unwillingness to take care of issues. It may be so simple as not listening to again from folks you despatched an e-mail to or issues dragging on the place they should not. Like I’m making an attempt to achieve this man to do some work on my web site and he forgets to get again to me. Or I ask a query a number of instances to my assistant and by no means get a solution. My pal Rajita unintentionally drowned her cellular phone within the pool – these sorts of issues may simply occur extra usually.

It’s a time to take a deep breath and let it go. Simply besides all the things will take just a little longer and endurance is required. I’m fore certain not the most effective individual to observe my very own recommendation. My Moon is in Aquarius and I’m not recognized for an excessive amount of endurance. Particularly on the pc if issues don’t work out the way in which they’re purported to I get upset very quick.

Well being
Virgo individuals are recognized to be very and prepared to concentrate to their physique and bodily temple of their soul. Individuals with the Solar in Virgo normally have expertise and educate themselves about wholesome residing and a great weight loss program. It is just logical to them you can solely anticipate your physique to operate correctly on a great healthful weight loss program. I do know a number of Virgos who’ve experimented with uncooked meals, or a extra alkaline weight loss program, they’re vegetarians or on a low carbohydrate diets. After all they eat natural and never a lot processed meals generally.

This retrograde movement of Mercury is a good probability for you for some private research by yourself and taking an intention for a more healthy life type and weight loss program. A more healthy life type has to incorporate some methods of exercising as nicely. With so many hours sitting at a desk in entrance of a pc, what most of us do, we have to steadiness that with movement.

Do you bear in mind how a lot you used to maneuver round as a child and the way you really liked it? I used to take action many issues from athletics, handball, karate, aikido, using, snowboarding, rollerblading, Yoga, Tai Chi, biking and dancing at completely different instances in my life. I bear in mind how good it felt to maneuver and be righteously drained within the night. These days I’ve so many bodily issues that I’m very restricted within the workout routines I can do. However I nonetheless dance the 5 Rhythms each Sunday if attainable, I sit with a ebook on my standing bike and I do Yoga.

I feel the trick with exercising is to search out one thing you actually love to do and begin slowly. For me – I like to learn. So for me it’s no hardship to take a seat on my bike and browse on the identical time. My Sunday dances are a technique to get out into my group, see mates, and rejoice life. Once I do my Yoga I take heed to some Abraham Hicks CDs or put some good music on. No matter it’s for you, Mercury will aid you put your thoughts to it and determine it out.

After which we are able to transfer on to new horizons and adventures with Mercury going direct and ahead once more finish of the month.

That is how Mercury for 2009 is trying like in its backwards and forwards actions:

12 Jan Mercury turns retrograde 8 Aquarius
1 Feb Mercury turns direct 22 Capricorn
8 Could Mercury turns retrograde 2 Gemini
30 Could Mercury turns direct 23 Taurus
8 Sep Mercury turns retrograde 6 Libra
29 Sep Mercury turns direct 22 Virgo
27 Dec Mercury turns retrograde 22 Capricorn

Bear in mind placing on the astrological glasses may help you to align your self with the common forces and aid you to be at extra ease with them and what’s taking place in your life. For me my consciousness and acutely aware presence with what’s helps me tremendously to loosen up into it and use it to my benefit.

A Mercury Gemstone – the Citrine
Citrine is dominated by the Solar and Mercury. Citrine is a light-weight yellow to gold-brown coloured Quartz. It crystallizes in hexagonal prisms with pyramids on the highest of every crystal. Most Citrines which are present in outlets are warmth handled Amethysts or Smoky Quartz. The handled stones will probably be extra golden or brownish, whereas pure Citrine is extra of a pale yellow. A heat-treated stone will want some form of therapeutic ritual to revive it to its pure energies.

Citrine is a stone for the second or third chakra, relying on its coloration. It brings within the vitality of the solar and opens our thoughts to larger ideas past fears and doubts. Citrine offers us the endurance and endurance we have to focus our thoughts on particulars similar to writing, planning, and placing issues of their correct order. The solar vitality is dispelling melancholy and opens us to permit extra gentle and love into our life.

I just like the Citrine for meditation. I lay it onto my coronary heart or third eye. I additionally just like the faceted stones as a result of they’re so great sparkly, shiny just like the solar and they’re very reasonably priced in larger chunks for giant rings.

In the event you get pleasure from my astrological musings I invite you to search out extra on my Astrological Indicators Climate Report & Therapeutic Gems Weblog for a daily replace on the common stream within the heavens. As you possibly can inform I’m additionally very passionate concerning the talents of the therapeutic gems to assist to align and steadiness our stream and have even written a ebook about it. If you realize the place your challenges are, you possibly can then take steps to help or steadiness your self with gems, if that’s one thing that appeals to you.


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